Hilton Singapore: A Pictorial Proof that It Is Not Among The ‘Worst’ Hotels!

Hilton Singapore was recently listed by a travel blog as one of the ‘worst’ hotels at which they have stayed. The following is a pictorial proof that the travel blog’s claim has no basis in reality.

(Bottom left) Wall behind which remodeling of the property’s lobby-level restaurant was happening in 2014. Next to it on the right is the old check-in counter, which has also been renovated. The rest of the pictures are of the Exec Lounge at breakfast, with the lounge also doubling as a restaurant during the renovation of the lobby-level restaurant.
‘Panorama’ photo of breakfast served in the Executive Lounge at Hilton Singapore in 2014 during renovation of the property’s lobby-level restaurant
Hilton Singapore in 2018: (top left & right) new seating area for afternoon tea and evening cocktails in front of the renovated lobby-level restaurant called ‘Opus‘; the restaurant is through a door in the back of the depicted seating (waiting) area. (Bottom left) renovated check-in desk ; (top right) statue of ‘Samurai’ in front of hotel.
Hilton Singapore Executive Lounge in 2018. Food is standard offering, not ‘mediocre’ as claimed!
Hilton Singapore 2018: Fitness Center.
Hilton Singapore: Standard room, but because of balcony, it is usually classified as a ‘premium’ room reward.
Hilton Singapore: Executive Suite (upgrade), the only type of suite available on the property, one per floor.
Hilton Singapore: Executive Suite bathroom
Hilton Singapore, miscellany that adds to its appeal: (top left) entertainment in ‘Ipanema‘ club in Orchard Tower, a 4-floor night entertainment complex right across the street; (top right) renovated check-in counter; (bottom right) decorated hotel lobby at Christmas time ; (bottom left) Orchard Road, always decorated at Christmas time, runs in front of the hotel .

As the pictures clearly demonstrate, there is absolutely nothing about Hilton Singapore that would qualify it to be among the “worst” hotels on anyone’s list, unless the person does not know what he or she is talking about, is mistaken, or is simply biased based on hearsay. I have stayed at this property nearly every year since 2010, as a Hilton Diamond, and have in fact seen it improve during this time. Recognition and treatment of Honors Diamonds are decent, with full free breakfast offered in the property’s renovated lobby-level ‘Opus‘ restaurant. I have been upgraded to executive suites (the only type in the property, one per floor, making upgrades tough) a few times or to standard rooms with a balcony.

We provide the pictures, you decide!

(Photo Gallery: Click any image to view at full resolution and as as a slideshow).

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